For Elise by Beethoven

For Elise (Für Elise) by Beethoven is one of the most popular piano pieces ever written.
In this video I show how beginning piano students can play my simplified version of the most famous part of the song.

My interpretation of the song is more in tune with the romantic era.

To download my version as a pdf please click on the link below.
Beethoven Für Elise – Part 1 arranged by Thomas Gunther

Click/Tap on the image below to watch the free For Elise video tutorial.

Pitch, The Names of the White Keys, Treble and Bass Clef

This article is about Pitch. To be exact, about teaching kids – or anybody for this matter –  the names of the white piano keys, and how to read bass clef and treble clef.

Sight-reading music is an incredibly complex task, especially for children. However, with the right method, training program, and a little bit of patients, it can be accomplished in no time.

The Names of the White Keys

The first thing a piano student should learn is THE NAMES OF THE WHITE KEYS. Luckily, some smart person found a way to teach just that in under 5 minutes.

Don’t believe it?

Try it with your kids. Just show them my little video and you will see for yourself. It just works.

I tested it with kids between the age of 4 to 10 with unbelievable results. It took only 3 to 5 minutes until they were able to name any of the white keys on the piano effortlessly.

Watch the video to find out how.