Beginner Piano Warm Up Exercises

Here is a nice finger warm-up exercise that can be done with one hand or both hands simultaneously, as demonstrated in the video tutorial.

A few tips on how to do those exercises:

  • Practice slowly (much slower than I played it on the video!) and focuse on playing each note with the same strength. It’s not about speed, but precision instead!
  • Repeat each exercise from the video a few times in different tempi, before moving on to the next one.
  • Lift the active finger up a little before pressing the key down, while keeping the other fingers close to the keyboard. (Remember that this is an exercise! We don’t necessarily play like this. But by lifting the fingers from the key they gain strength and control.
  • Play each exercise by applying different dynamics (soft, medium, load). When playing soft, keep the active finger in contact with the key, meaning don’t lift the finger up before pressing the key.

Watch the video

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